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The Economic Club of Las Vegas Invites James Kirchick to Speak

Michael Erin

A former chief of staff and director of operations for the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, Michael Erin holds several responsibilities. He serves as associate consultant and partner for Progressive Management and Associates in Chicago and to principal for PacificRock, LLC, in Las Vegas. Since 2015, Michael Erin also has worked as vice president of development for the Economic Club of Las Vegas.

Formed in 2013, the Economic Club of Las Vegas gives an independent and open forum for people to discuss and debate national and global public policy and economics. The nonprofit organization brings renowned speakers to the area to share their ideas on how countries deal with the social, political, and economic aspects they endure. In addition, the club is an affiliate of the National Association for Business Economics.
One of the club’s invited speakers is James Kirchick, who will discuss his book The End of Europe: Dictators, Demagogues, and the Coming Dark Age. He will speak on March 21, 2018, and talk about the politics and political culture within Europe.

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