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Dental Implants Set to Experience Significant Growth

Michael Erin

Serving as CEO of Progressive Management (PM), Michael Erin leads a respected Chicago provider of healthcare advisory and dental consulting solutions. Michael Erin’s coordinated services span business brokerage, company valuation, and management consulting. He maintains a strong interest in developments in the healthcare and dental fields.

One area of significant growth is in the dental prosthesis and implants market, which is projected to grow from $9.50 billion this year to $13.01 billion globally by 2023. This rapid pace is related to an increased prevalence of dental disease, coupled with expanding cosmetic dentistry demand. In addition, consumers worldwide have increased levels of disposable income and low penetration rates in many markets allows significant room for expansion.

The two major materials segments of the dental implants market are zirconium and titanium, with the latter expected to achieve the highest growth levels. Thus reflects titanium’s advantages in areas such as strength, rigidity, and biocompatibility, as well as corrosion-resistance properties.

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